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Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle Electrification  

Modern vehcles are packed with electronics. New automobile technology is designed and incoporated to keep deivers safer, more confotable and more connected. These new features all required a more reliable and robust protection.

Fuzetec high-temperature Radil Lead products are ideal for automotive application 

Fuzetec work closely with automotive customers and provide tailor made solution throughout the approval process

Various automotive electrification applications such as the drivetrain, engine control, drive-by-wire, and brake-by-wire all require reliable protection and conditioning. Bourns offers proven component solutions that help stabilize voltage levels for power supplies. Demonstrating its commitment to service and quality even after components are integrated into electronics designs, Bourns works with its automotive customers throughout the approval process to provide the necessary documentation for required approvals and supports their efforts to meet quality targets.